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Vallerie’s unique holistic way to naturally beautiful skin: all facials feature deep cleansing, lymphatic drainage, all natural essential plant oil and trace mineral masks, and revitalizing acupoint stimulation.

ENERGIZING QUICK-FIX FACIAL Perfect for anyone on the go, includes massage, lymphatic drainage and a toning mask.
30 minutes     $90

FIVE ELEMENT FACIAL Our signature facial - Deep cleansing, lymphatic clearing and acupressure. Features Phytobiodermie products selected especially for your skin type (determined by your elemental biorhythm).
60 minutes    $110

SERIES OF 6 OR 10 AT  $100 each

TONING AND LIFTING FACIAL Lymphatic stimulation chroma-therapy with lights, clay and plant oils. Vibration therapy with stimulation of acupoints that energize your face.
90 minutes    $160

CHROMATIC “FACE LIFT” FACIAL Adds intensive moisturizing and skin reconditioning by enhancing the flow of skin fluids. Three sessions including five week biotonic facial kit.
90 minutes/session    $560

EYE TREATMENT Specialized treatment using acupoints and lymphatic drainage to tone and revitalize the skin around the eyes. Your eyes will be visibly refreshed and relaxed. Can be used alone or in combination with the five elements facial.
30 minutes    $50




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