Specialty Treatments

CUSTOMIZED BODY SCULPTING Our unique East-West spa therapies focused to meet your specific aesthetic goals. Tone and revitalize any body area.
2 hours    $200

SEASONAL BODY TREATMENTS Address the stresses that seasonal changes bring to your skin, as well as the rest of your body and mind. Season specific holistic treatments are as follows:

for SPRING, focus on the nervous and immune systems, and smooth energy flow;

for SUMMER, focus on the circulatory system and emotional balance;

for AUTUMN, focus on the immune and respiratory systems and detoxification; and

for WINTER focus on fluid elimination and vital energy.

The treatment incorporates:

  •  accupressure to release energy, relax and balance
  •  highly penetrating essential plant extracts, trace minerals, and the nourishing and remineralizing action of algae and clay
  •  lymphatic drainage to detoxify and re-energize the muscular, vascular and lymphatic system.

2 hours    $200

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